• Best quality Perspex from the German Plexiglas factory
  • Available in 3 color variations
  • Available as a TX / RX or TRX system.
  • The systems self-tuning capability tests the enviroment and adapts to cope with externally electrical noise which could cause false alarms
  • With its patented comparative tag signal recognition software the Twilight system provides a high level of operation reliability, making it much less prone to the outside disturbances that its historical predecessors suffered.
  • Available with integrated metal detection feature
  • Self-adjusting electronics filters electrical disturbances using software solution

Technical specification:
Material:                            Acryl 
Height:                               1,60 m  
Width:                                0,34 m  
Breadth:                            0,015 m  
Weight                               14 kg  
Mains voltage:                220-240 VAC @ 50 Hz (EU)
                                            110-120 VAC @ 60 Hz (US/CAN)

The Twilight system is compatible with any RF tag and label types as well as with LOXYS media safers.

  • round hard tags
  • teardrop hard tags
  • soft tags (for thinner clothing, like fine lingerie, etc.)
  • self-adhesive, deactivatable paper labels
  • self-adhesive, non-deactivatable paper labels
  • laminated tags
  • and a wide variety of other RF accessories!

React is Shopguard distributor in Baltics